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It’s almost comical. Of course, I am hardly the first to have noticed the doppelgänger. A man who believes in the American League but not in America. Stunning?

IBHST.S01.E03: Past his time

I cannot leave this one unremarked: Obama blows name of favorite team’s home stadium. Of course, I am sure someone can explain to me why his relentless campaign for quote-unquote universal health care caused him to draw a blank. Because I am sure he spent his childhood memorizing stats and players and fields. Seriously, just […]

IBHST.S01.E02: Buffet’s protege

Evidently our omniscient president also dabbles in the stock market. In a desperate effort to obfuscate the double-digit-percentage declines since his inauguration, President Obama provided this gem of advice: [P]rofit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term perspective on […]

IBHST.S01.E01: 867-5309

In the premiere episode of a new feature, honors “Nobody Messes with Joe” Biden. Speaking about the administration’s plans to post porkulus spending on the Internet, the VP had this to say: [CBS Host] By the way, do you know the website? [NMW Joe] No, I’m embarrassed. [Looking stage right] Do you know the […]