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Random answers

Question? Here’s the answer! I don’t ordinarily post random links, but this was too funny to pass up.

Dodo bird sighting?

Before I could even finish this post (which I began writing before the fateful vote), Bart Stupak proves my point: A once-thriving species—the “pro-life Democrat”—is nearing extinction. Where’s the EPA when you need them? Oh, wait, environmentalist outrage extends only to the far side of the primate divide. Perhaps the one-term left-wing hero will find […]


It’s almost comical. Of course, I am hardly the first to have noticed the doppelgänger. A man who believes in the American League but not in America. Stunning?

Randomly Viewed: RB at the movies

I had no idea Dances with Wolves II could be worse than the first. I would have expected something more than cool special effects and a climax scene that scarcely distracted the audience from this movie’s otherwise tired attempt at a plot. Score, supporting cast, and character (or should I say char-avatar) development were appalling […]

I need a hit

Among the joys of working at BigLaw are the weekly visits to my “drug dealer,” whom I will call Derek. My entire relationship with Derek revolves around one thing—getting me what I need. Derek and I follow all the protocols of professional narcotics distributors: using established, secure channels of communication;repeating a regimented script where Derek […]

IBHST.S01.E01: 867-5309

In the premiere episode of a new feature, honors “Nobody Messes with Joe” Biden. Speaking about the administration’s plans to post porkulus spending on the Internet, the VP had this to say: [CBS Host] By the way, do you know the website? [NMW Joe] No, I’m embarrassed. [Looking stage right] Do you know the […]