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Faux-tographers poser-ing for the camera companies

Or, how not to spend $3,000. Casual SLR owners today have dirt-cheap digital sensors capable of recording an image as useful for most purposes as their medium-format film predecessors a generation ago. Democratization of the Bayer array robbed the competent amateur of a valuable in-group marker: No longer can he assume that a bow of […]

Cutting the cord III: How not to spend $4.99

Tonight, randomlymarried and I entertained ourselves for free. Somehow, aTV transformed our own music and photos into an hour of real entertainment. Without asking us for a dime. Could it do more? Of course. Nevertheless, aTV’s out-of-the-box polish is hard to compete with. Before I really decided on a plan, we had our honeymoon photos […]

Cutting the cord II: Cancellation

You would think a dying business model, threats to profitability in analogous markets, and nascent but determined competition in a once-protected monopoly would put an old-school Alexander-Graham-Bell “phone” company in the mood to deal. You would be wrong. Like a good monopolist, AT&T informed me that my rates would be going up $5 per month […]

Cutting the cord

I finally did it. I cut the cord. randomlymarried and I will review and report periodically on this random, and indeed bold, experiment in coming months. A few first impressions: aTV’s user interface makes cable look like a typewriter. Graphical browsing, animations, and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes beats a long, boring list of text any […]

Accident prone

Apparently today was a day of accidents. Wrecks. Spills. Whatever you prefer to call them. Lance had three—the first of which most considered a “novice” crash. I’m no Lance, but my first wreck since the day I first took out the bike made me look like, well, someone who first took out a bike today. […]

GPSies: Gets the job done

Simple, unstylish apps aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Mac to the future

The desktop still matters.

.DS_Store, –delete-excluded, and RB at the CLI

With great power comes great responsibility.

The glue I’ve been looking for

Seldom do I feel like a genius. But my discovery of sips, Platypus and CocoaDialog has brought me close to the perception of IQ>150. Simple problem, difficult solution. Ever had that observation in response to technical conundrums? In my case, automating the webpage workflow to save both low– and high-resolution versions of all posted photos—simple […]

Snow job

Even the best fall down sometimes.

A random note on the iPad

Of course it’s for content creation. Anyone who would buy a quote-unquote netbook for content consumption, let alone creation, over the iPad needs to reset the user agent of his browser. Ninety percent of websites are better viewed as an iPhone than underpowered e-junk with bonus carpal tunnel syndrome in the making. But for those […]

On the desktop

Don’t let anyone tell you that the desktop is dead. Attentive rb readers will notice the prodigious blogging of the last few weeks after a long hiatus. I can only chalk it up to my newly acquired blog software. Not having to haggle with the WordPress “user interface” has made me more productive. Worth $30? […]