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Cutting the cord

I finally did it. I cut the cord. randomlymarried and I will review and report periodically on this random, and indeed bold, experiment in coming months. A few first impressions:

  • aTV’s user interface makes cable look like a typewriter. Graphical browsing, animations, and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes beats a long, boring list of text any day of the week.
  • aTV’s quality may not be Blu-Ray, but guess what? It costs about a fourth of that. And how many times are you really going to watch these movies anyway?
  • aTV’s selection was good enough to induce me to spend an average of $1 per hour on new content for the first few days I had the unit. And I haven’t even jailbroken it yet.

Sports fanatics and channel surfers probably can’t pull this off. But with and a creative imagination, I prefer to spend my $60-plus per month on a pair of free market monopolies.

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