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Cutting the cord III: How not to spend $4.99

Tonight, randomlymarried and I entertained ourselves for free. Somehow, aTV transformed our own music and photos into an hour of real entertainment. Without asking us for a dime.

Could it do more? Of course. Nevertheless, aTV’s out-of-the-box polish is hard to compete with. Before I really decided on a plan, we had our honeymoon photos set to a slideshow soundtrack rocking the house. (Now that I have seen it in action, that Samsung sure can make me look like a genius.)

Then I started playing around with flickr. Once again, without even really knowing what I was doing, I had my own customized photostream piped into my living room. (Tip: Search for something interesting like “Colorado” or “Egypt.”)

Never to be outdone, aTV’s interface made mundane tasks a blast. Anyone know of a few flickr contacts I could add?

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