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Cutting the cord II: Cancellation

You would think a dying business model, threats to profitability in analogous markets, and nascent but determined competition in a once-protected monopoly would put an old-school Alexander-Graham-Bell “phone” company in the mood to deal. You would be wrong.

Like a good monopolist, AT&T informed me that my rates would be going up $5 per month each for cable and internet. So I called to cancel, knowing I would probably have to keep the internet regardless. (Thanks to an even more entrenched sloth, Time Warner, and a cheapskate landlord, cable broadband is not a viable option.)

Apparently the best they can do is the off-the-rack price of $40, even if you insist you will cancel. Interesting strategy. That will certainly keep the fiber dark.

Still, that’s $60 less than I was paying and $45 less than the stripped-down, sans-DVR, “family” plan. I can rent, or even buy, a lot of aTV entertainment for that price.

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