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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Cutting the cord III: How not to spend $4.99

Tonight, randomlymarried and I entertained ourselves for free. Somehow, aTV transformed our own music and photos into an hour of real entertainment. Without asking us for a dime. Could it do more? Of course. Nevertheless, aTV’s out-of-the-box polish is hard to compete with. Before I really decided on a plan, we had our honeymoon photos […]

Cutting the cord II: Cancellation

You would think a dying business model, threats to profitability in analogous markets, and nascent but determined competition in a once-protected monopoly would put an old-school Alexander-Graham-Bell “phone” company in the mood to deal. You would be wrong. Like a good monopolist, AT&T informed me that my rates would be going up $5 per month […]

Cutting the cord

I finally did it. I cut the cord. randomlymarried and I will review and report periodically on this random, and indeed bold, experiment in coming months. A few first impressions: aTV’s user interface makes cable look like a typewriter. Graphical browsing, animations, and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes beats a long, boring list of text any […]