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The point of no return

At a certain point there is just no going back. You create too many dependent classes and allow too much direct democracy and you end up with mob rule.

Somehow the Land of Reagan became the Son of Brown in less than a generation.

If a moderate Republican cannot pull ahead against a legacy admit even in a year where all signs point to a Republican landslide—well, I won’t pronounce it dead until November 3.

Nevertheless, the boldfaced writing is on the wall. You’re-no-Pat Brown sent us down the inevitable road of decline by allowing public employees to unionize, though of course you wouldn’t know it if you get all your political news from Wikipedia. Jerry the Merciful!

This at a time when the scale of the Pyrite State’s pension underfunding boggles the imagination.

Too soon to return California to its ghost-town roots? Perhaps thoughtful California voters should take a lesson from other union-heavy, Democrat-dominated municipalities.

If it doesn’t change this election cycle, when could it?

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