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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Yes on D-facing

Best sign ever: Ye$ on D Even on the streets of La Jolla, some jokers managed to add a few punchlines to the Yes on D campaign-slash-swindle. Give more to the bums who got us here Government employee unions say, Vote Early, Vote Often And my personal favorite: How to Bankrupt a City Which struck […]

The paradox of choice, Episode 1

So the child preparation began in earnest this week. And I never thought I had the tendency to maximize, but if I ever had a doubt, it is now erased. I have managed to eliminate the compulsion to maximize even the most mundane decisions—brunch, for example, no longer becomes the hourlong agony it once was. […]

The point of no return

At a certain point there is just no going back. You create too many dependent classes and allow too much direct democracy and you end up with mob rule. Somehow the Land of Reagan became the Son of Brown in less than a generation. If a moderate Republican cannot pull ahead against a legacy admit […]