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Accident prone

Apparently today was a day of accidents. Wrecks. Spills. Whatever you prefer to call them. Lance had three—the first of which most considered a “novice” crash. I’m no Lance, but my first wreck since the day I first took out the bike made me look like, well, someone who first took out a bike today.

The worst part of the minor collision was the anticipation. My internal dialogue had echoed my frustration with riding that stretch of road since the moment I doubled back on my initial route rather than completing a true loop.

Fortunately, I left the scene with only a few scrapes and an ego bruise. My bike, however, will need its first major replacement and probably a checkup just to be safe. Of course, this happens the day after I bought brand new pedals and shoes from my new favorite cycling website.

I think I may post the city bike map in my office. One close call is enough.

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