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Mac to the future

I am hardly the first to the Leopard-less developer conference blog party. But I will add a few words about why Mail and document controllers and launch services should still matter.

  • Email is not dead. Sure, you can set up site-specific browsers with user scripts to fix the layout of a webmail interface, but at the end of the day, a desktop mail program should “just work.” Forget the *&^@% Finder, Unmangle Mail.
  • Reliability speaks for itself. From Honda to Canon to Sears Craftsman—nobody wants to worry about a machine. The users you want intuitively understand how a well-engineered product behaves. Don’t jeopardize their goodwill with screwy “locked file” warnings and .SoftwareUpdateAtLogout.
  • Smarter is better. Opening things with the application that created them makes sense. Why break years of expected behavior?

I hate needless complexity, so the concept of a lightweight OS will always appeal to me. But let’s hope Apple ends its continued neglect of the goose that laid the golden egg.

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