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Monthly Archives: March 2010

How to dismantle a capitalist society

As we reflect on health care? reform?, let us recall how we got here: Government creates an obstacle (wage controls);Private industry works around it (by offering first-party health “insurance”);Government responds by deeming the circumvention unfair (while subsidizing it) and sets up programs to give everyone “access” to what its own regulations inspired (Medicare, Social Security, […]

Randomly Viewed: RB at the movies

I had no idea Dances with Wolves II could be worse than the first. I would have expected something more than cool special effects and a climax scene that scarcely distracted the audience from this movie’s otherwise tired attempt at a plot. Score, supporting cast, and character (or should I say char-avatar) development were appalling […]

Lenten reconciliation

Unbelievable. Deadline after deadline after deadline has passed yet the Dems are still chasing their tails. Perhaps, like sinners in confession, they really, truly resolve not to fail this time? Our objective is to pass both before the Easter break. Is that going to be difficult? Yes. Is it a deadline? No. Everybody understands that […]