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Monthly Archives: February 2009

IBHST.S01.E01: 867-5309

In the premiere episode of a new feature, honors “Nobody Messes with Joe” Biden. Speaking about the administration’s plans to post porkulus spending on the Internet, the VP had this to say: [CBS Host] By the way, do you know the website? [NMW Joe] No, I’m embarrassed. [Looking stage right] Do you know the […]

Did I hear that right?

The bold new ideas we have to take the country into the next century are to spend more on energy, health care, and education? UPDATE: And we will find $2 trillion in farm subsidies, defense spending, and corporate tax breaks? SECOND UPDATE: And we will put the nonexistent war on terror on the balance sheet, […]


RIP. A year ago today, I drove home from BigLaw in a funk, shed more than a few tears, and then reactivated my subscription to National Review. UPDATE: Yes, I know, I was a few days ahead of the news cycle.

Faith-based workouts

Soon these won’t simply be for born-again meatheads. We can expect this to cost another $100 billion with the president’s assurance it will “save” four million jobs—a conveniently empirical, yet non-confirmable, proposition. Evidently the rightful place for social science is the imagination.